Best solar installations in Los Angeles of 2015

Best solar installations in Los Angeles of 2015

As we approach the end of 2015 we have the opportunity to reflect on this past year. With every project we complete, we help create homeowners create independent energy that improves the environment’s condition and reduces their electric bills simultaneously. Our clients in Los Angeles are saving big — and we enjoy helping new clients do the same, well, because we’re good at it. This year we’ve put a lot of new solar installations on the map. Here at JNA Solar, we’re reviewing our top projects of the year as we prepare for an even better 2016. Join us in taking a look back at our best solar installations in Los Angeles of 2015!

solar installation san marino ca

Solar installation in San Marino, CA

One of our best solar installations in Los Angeles was this project completed in San Marino. Completed with 12 solar worlds panels, this system produces 37 kW — a nice sized system if you ask us. These homeowners have lowered their electric bills tremendously. We’ve helped lower other San Marino homeowners electric bills, too. View others in the San Marino area here!


solar installation in Granada Hills, CA

Solar installation in Granada Hills, CA

Our next favorite solar installation in Los Angeles is located in Granada Hills of the San Fernando Valley. This beautiful solar installation was completed with 58 Suniva 270 panels, generating a total of 15.6 kW for the PV system.  This house receives excellent exposure to the sun making it an ideal home to install solar panels on. With 58 panels, you can bet this house produces sufficient power to fuel the home. We’ve completed multiple homes in the Granada Hills area, but you can take a peek at another project we completed in Granada Hills here.


JNA Solar wood shake Installation

Solar installation on a wood shake roof

What separates JNA Solar from regular solar companies is our ability to complete a wider range of solar installations despite obstacles we may face along the way. For example, most solar installation companies refuse to install solar systems on wood shake roofs. So this client came to us and we completed their project while other companies declined. Our experience in installing solar allows us to complete solar installations on many different types of roofs that you would normally think cannot house solar panels.  Using 24 Suniva Opt 270 panels, this system produces 6.48 kW.

These are just a few of the amazing solar installations in Los Angeles we’ve completed throughout 2015. We look forward to an abundance of solar panel installations in 2016!

If you haven’t considered solar panels yet, you might be surprised at how much money you can save on your electricity bills every month if you have solar panels. JNA Solar would be happy to consult your home at no charge.Call us, email us, or fill out an online form to find out how much money you could be saving with an affordable cost for solar installation.

End 2015 right and make the change towards independent, free energy!

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