Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Reduce your expenses, and your carbon footprint

With electricity costs constantly rising, investing in solar PV is a great opportunity for businesses. JNA have helped companies up and down California gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site, and we’re perfectly placed to do the same for you.
Avoiding inflated energy bills >


Combat increasing energy costs

With electricity prices increasing year on year and expected by many to double over the next decade, being able to protect your business against rising bills will help maintain your competitive edge over others exposed to rising costs.


Increase your property income

Solar rooftop leasing is one of the three basic ways you can make money from your rooftop with solar energy. While a property owner might not have the resources to invest in a rooftop solar today, they still might be interested in realizing some income from solar energy through leasing their rooftop space to JNA — and make money while they learn more about the benefits of installing solar energy on their building.


Commercial Financing Methods

Solar Host

Being a solar “host” simply means that you provide the use of your rooftop space and/or unused land for the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. You don't own the system. You don't have to maintain the system. Most importantly, you don't have to pay for the system. You simply lease the space and receive a cheque from JNA each month.

Buy It Outright

Buying a solar PV system outright offers the highest return on investment, and the lowest cost of acquisition overall. Businesses will benefit from the FIT rate, bill savings and a lower carbon footprint. Those who consume the energy generated by the PV system will gain the best returns.

JNA Financing

We have customized a finance plan that will help a profitable business, to operate a solar system at the most competitive rates in the country. The project will be funded up to 65% of the cost by your tax bill, and will break even in 1-3 years with 30% tax credit, depreciation and lower utility bill. JNA will finance the balance up to 25 years with 2.9% fixed rate loan, that will equal $0.04 - $0.05 per kWh.