Homes with $0 Energy Bills

Homes with $0 Energy Bills

Think you have to sacrifice a stylish home in exchange for a low energy bill?
Think again. These stylish homes cost nearly $0 to operate. With the help of solar, not only is having a home with a low energy is possible, but it can also be very aesthetically pleasant. Solar panels serve as an integral part of what makes these homes so low-cost to run, from being a general electricity source and heating water, all the way to lighting the house with solar powered lights. Check out these homes with $0 energy bills.

Stylish Homes with $0 Energy Bills

Located in Portland, Oregon, this home reaches a nearly $0 energy bill. Solar panels serve to generate the home’s power. It is a certified Passive House . Concrete walls retain heat and also cool air when it’s hot. The large windows allow plenty of sunlight during the day, eliminating the need for light bulb usage until it gets dark. This house has us wanting to move to Portland ASAP.

Using solar panels, this shed powers itself with the help of the sun. It integrates these solar panels with the design of the building to create a beautiful shed. To complement the house, the lights are powered by solar, too. The sleek design of the solar panels add a modern twist to this shed.

This beach-style home maintains an earthy style despite its efficiently sustainable technology. The solar panels on the roof not only complement the design of the house, but are angled to soak up as much sunlight as possible. These panels serve as the main source of power for the residence. It also uses a solar water heater to generate hot water. A sustainable water heater and solar power generator allow this house to have a nearly $0 energy bill.

Constructed with sustainable timber, this home has excellent insulation technology to retain both heat in the colder parts of the year and cool air during the hotter parts. The roof was engineered at an angle that allows the solar panels to rest at the most efficient angle for absorbing the most sun light. Because the house is so well-insulated, heating costs are completely eliminated as the photovoltaic solar panels powers the heater. Not only does this house have almost a $0 energy bill, but it has a tasteful modern design as well.

Photo credit: UNDP in Europe and Central Asia / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA