How to Live an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

How to Live an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

As a natural resource that keeps us alive, the environment around us holds a precious key to our
existence. While we make use of its offerings and explore endless possibilities, it is essential to use it
with utmost care and preserve it in every possible way. Sharing space on earth with different life forms,
it is important to devise means for its protection and conservation. Learning how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is critical, but can be easy with the right knowledge.

Timely steps towards this noble cause will help us with a framework of action for the future.
Implementing modifications in our lifestyle in line with eco-friendly theme will lay a strong foundation for
our future generations as they will get an opportunity to experience freshness and greenery just in the
form we did!

Before our natural resources of trees, plants, water bodies, and soil become history from the distant past and
are limited to just photographs in a textbook, we need to introduce certain changes in our living.

So, what are these modifications we can begin with?

What ideas can we implement for such an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Here are a few ways to plant eco-friendliness in our lifestyle:

1. Switch to solar panels to power your home

With today’s technology, one of the best ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is to switch what type of energy you consume. With solar panels, you’re using the sun to power your everyday life. Using this clean form of independent energy is great for the environment as it does not depend on fossil fuels as much as other forms of energy does. Not only is solar energy great for the environment because its clean, but it’s great for your pocketbook as consumers can expect a significant decrease in their energy bill.

2. Saving paper saves plants — paperless approach for a happy green life!

With the advent of computers, it is easy to lower the limit of paper usage in today’s world. Making use of online receipts instead of printed ones after shopping, using online tickets for travel that replace the hard copies, printing on both sides of paper, and reusing blank sides of old papers and old notebooks are some of the means for such a paperless start. Noting down essential information through online writing tools on a smartphone or using dry erase boards at home to note down a list of items for purchase are ideas born with modern convenience! Making use of hand blow dryer while avoiding paper napkins in a public washroom is a means that we all can adopt.

3. Say no to plastic bags – and welcome paper or cloth bags with open arms!

Avoiding use of plastic bags and restricting to cloth and paper bags offer a lot of advantages. Investing in sturdy reusable cloth bags for all our major needs can take care of this plastic disposal problem. While many supermarkets and shops have started this trend, as consumers it is essential to remember our responsibilities and flaunt our eco-friendliness with such reusable bags, inspiring others to follow!

4. Conserve water, conserve life – after all it is a drop of life!

As the most important resource for our life, conserving water is an important step that demands immediate attention. While rainfall is not under our control or water bodies do not fill under our command, we can definitely work towards aspects within our scope. Limiting water waste in the shower, avoiding an unnecessary flow of water while brushing teeth, collecting water used while washing vegetables and fruits for the purpose of watering plants can help us in this process of water conservation.

5. Limit use of plastic and paper at home – just like charity, good deeds begin at home too!

Implementing some household ideas for green revolution can inspire our family and friends. Besides posing as an excellent example for our kids, these means stay for a lifetime. Demanding nothing beyond our presence of mind and concerned thoughts, they go a long way in helping nature.
Making use of old, non-fitting clothes for cleaning purpose can limit waste of paper napkins, use of water filters on taps can restrict dependence on plastic bottled water at home, disposing recyclable wastes of boxes, and papers into properly designated trash cans are some of the ways within our domestic scope.

6. Switch ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’ – electricity demands our attention

While it is impossible to cut down electricity usage, we can definitely avoid its waste. Switching off appliances, tube-lights, and devices when not in use should be embedded in our system. Aside from your household, switching off unused appliances in offices can benefit the long run. Unplugging devices and chargers from the main socket are habits that can easily be implemented.

7. Each one, plant one – adopt a green friend for life!

While some of us enjoy gardening and have sufficient space for the same, space constraint should not hamper our interest for green friends. If each of us nurture and adopt at least one single plant within the scope of our house, we can make a difference to our society. Taking care of
plants in our community or office place are other ways of reaching out to the environment. Though these are just a few means of offering our share, many of these methods can be implemented towards an eco-friendly goal. With different trials, experiments, suggestions and ideas, we can make this earth a better place to live!

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