JNA Solar is one of Los Angeles’ top solar power system companies.

Our Company

For the past 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing superb service to
residential and commercial projects in Southern California. With an
experienced background in construction services, we believe in renewable
energy and are here to help you go solar, no matter how big or small your
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Our Vision

Stand-alone solar energy systems have ability to provide power when the
electricity grid cannot. Grid tied systems allow their owners to isolate
themselves from rising energy costs. Solar also reduces our dependence on
oil and other non-renewable power generation. You are purchasing the
power generation system to harness a free and unlimited power source that
can not be metered. You can’t put a meter on the sun!
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Our Approach

JNA Solar Solutions offers grid-tied and off-grid residential and commercial
solar systems, custom tailored to your needs. We’ve narrowed down to
process into three easy steps, from assessment, to design, to installation.
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Email us or give us a call at
818-475-2006 for any questions!

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