Living a green lifestyle: Reducing waste!

Living a green lifestyle: Reducing waste!

Waste generated in our houses, offices, and communities ends up in landfills, occupying land that is usable for other things. This year alone, the Earth will produce approximately 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage. In cities like South Los Angeles, it’s not uncommon for alleyways to contain over 100 tons of garbage at a time. And when it comes to pollution, our oceans, forests, and air suffer due to this growing trash problem. It makes you wonder where the root of the problem lies. Evidently, the world might need an adjustment towards a green lifestyle.

Reducing your waste is one of the best ways towards living a green lifestyle. Living with absolutely no waste is difficult to conceptualize. While having aspirations to achieves a zero-waste lifestyle may not be practical for most people, working towards waste reduction can be reap many benefits, as great way to save money while simultaneously helping to improve the condition of the environment. In an age where we’re more conscious of living a green lifestyle, there are multiple ways you can help the earth. Today, you can start with reducing waste.

Our actions towards achieving minimal waste can help this universal problem of waste disposal. Just as conservation of natural resources like water and electricity can be initiated at a household level, living a green lifestyle through reducing waste can also begin from home. United efforts of every house can benefit the environment with less stress towards disposal and more preservation of natural beauty.

Waste reduction cannot be achieved in a single day by following a fixed protocol. It is a long term process that may take time to adjust to. By trying out different customized arrangements that suit your home, you can design a plan towards living the green lifestyle which works best for you. Be sure to check out other ways you can live a green lifestyle including reducing water waste and utilizing solar energy.

Here are some ways towards a green lifestyle through reducing waste:

plastic bottle pollution green lifestyle reduce waste

1. Ending the generation of plastic

Minimizing use of plastic to a great extent can generate a significantly smaller amount of non-recyclable plastic in landfills. This is a great place to start practicing your green lifestyle.

  • Using glass containers for dispensing and storing drinking water can limit dependence on plastic bottles, in addition to storing water in stainless steel bottles in the refrigerator to provide us with cold drinking water whenever needed, whether on-the-go or at home.
  • One of the best ways to make a big step towards living a green lifestyle is through making use of designated cloth bags for shopping, groceries, clothes, and household items. This limits dependence on plastic bags, thereby reducing their disposal. You can have fun with this and choose cloth bags with designs of your preference. You can even customize your own bags!


recycle paper reduce waste green living

2. Reducing use of paper

Paper is one of the main sources that waste originates from. Luckily, it’s easy to cut back on its usage.

  • Though paper waste can be recycled, it adds to the overall volume for disposal. Making use of alternatives wherever possible can limit this.
  • Using old clothes as pieces for cleaning can reduce dependence on tissue paper rolls and paper napkins.
  • Use of stainless steel or ceramic utensils instead of disposable paper plates and glasses provide option of reuse, lowering generation of trash.
  • Disposing newspapers, cardboard boxes into designated trash containers for recyclables can ensure recycling and reuse instead of being treated with common trash.


compost bin reduce waste green living

3. Build a compost bin

If space constraint is not an issue and sufficient garden space is a reality, one can exercise a green lifestyle by implementing composting at home.

  • Composting involves adding kitchen waste in soil, on a piece of land or into a container and allowing it to breakdown into organic humus.
  • Humus acts as a manure enriching soil with nutrients and supplements for good growth of plants.
  • Composting enables efficient disposal of waste besides acting as an organic fertilizer.


plastic bags reduce waste green living

4. Utilizing plastic bags from the grocery store

If you are going to use plastic, reuse it. While grocery stores in places like Los Angeles County banned the use of plastic bags, you still might get them in the produce section, or they might not be banned in your area.

  • Most of the supermarkets offer plastic bags for bagging fruits and vegetables in the produce section.
  • Instead of throwing them away after a single use, we can use them as trash bags for the kitchen.
  • This helps you live a green lifestyle by reducing how much you throw away.

office space reduce waste green living

5. Get your office to live a green lifestyle by reducing waste

Second to your home, the office is another great place to implement your green lifestyle.

  • Making use of pens that can be refilled
  • Opting for paperless correspondence as much as possible
  • Using online mode for bills and receipts, printing on both sides of paper
  • Reusing plain side of paper for writing notes
  • Using marker and whiteboard for noting pointers


Though ‘zero waste’ may take a long time, you can definitely take baby steps towards waste reduction and make a happy difference to the environment with your green lifestyle.

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