Preparing for El Niño: What This Means for Homeowners with Solar

Preparing for El Niño: What This Means for Homeowners with Solar

Save for rainy days ahead

One of our main goals at JNA Solar is to ensure every client receives affordable solar power all year long. We only complete installations if we are sure that it will benefit the homeowner and save them money.

Part of making sure our clients receive the most affordable solar power for their home includes guiding them towards the most efficient energy usage. Seasons can affect how much sunlight your solar panels absorb. During the summer it absorbs the most sunlight (the days are the longest) and during the winter it absorbs less (shorter days).

Just like how animals prepare for the winter months by stocking up on food in advance, homeowners can benefit from saving energy before the clouds roll in. El Niño is expected to hit around January until March or longer, meaning lots of clouds covering the sun. Preparing for El Niño is easy. Start by minimizing how much energy you consume today will benefit you for rainy days in the future.

Learn more about easy way to save energy at home

Haven’t switched to solar yet? Now’s the time to consider it. If you have energy bills exceeding $100 a month, you can benefit from solar panels to reduce your energy consumption costs.

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