Save Water, Reduce Your Bills

Save Water, Reduce Your Bills

Water. The most essential resource for every life form on earth. As a component that adds life to anything and everything on this planet, it is very important to preserve this natural gift. With less rainfall, global warming, and disturbance to the climate across the globe, water conservation is undoubtedly a need of the hour. Laying a strong foundation towards water conservation and taking effective steps in that direction will benefit our future generations. Resembling a road map, all our measures taken today will be guiding lessons for previous generations to follow as each one of us will be inclined towards this noble, yet simple cause.

Dry climate, hot weather, and scant rainfall in the state of California demand attention of each and every resident. With small conservation steps at home, we can make a huge difference to this drought condition. While performing our daily activities, we need to identify opportunities of conservation. Implementing such ideas and sharing with those around, we can make a useful impact.

Following are some of the measures we can start with to help you save water and reduce your bills, besides adding many more factors to the list.

save water reduce your bills

1. Excessive flowing water

Unnecessary, unattended flow of water is one of the major culprits of water waste. Many daily activities at home that require continuous flow of water from the faucet add to lot of wastage. This makes it essential to adopt means of saving it.

  • One of the best ways is to make an effort to limit the flow as much as possible.
    While brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or shampooing your hair, stopping the flow of water for even a short duration of a minute contributes to water conservation.
  • Adjusting the temperature of warm water for bath by letting it flow for some time causes water wastage, this can be avoided by collecting it in a small bucket and using it for watering plants or washing cars.
  • While washing utensils in your kitchen sink, placing a small container in the sink can collect excess water. It can be used for cleaning your patio, wiping down doors, or watering the lawn.
  • Though the amount of water saved in our own house may appear little, it adds to many gallons if every household participates in the same. With some modifications as per our house needs, we can definitely incorporate some of these ideas.


2. Check for leaks and fix them

  • Leaks in pipes and faucets can lead to unnecessary water waste that not only depletes the environment of water, but increases your water bill. It is essential to check for these troubles in kitchen and washrooms and make immediate arrangements to fix it.
  • Training kids to turn off all faucets properly and to inform adults in case of leaks can be a useful lesson for their future.
    Placing emergency contact numbers for maintenance services over the refrigerator or a door can be handy in case of major water leaking incidences.


3. Food and water

As food and water are inseparable partners, kitchen can be good place for the water conservation effort at home!

  • Washing fruits and vegetables in a container like a large bowl and reusing this water for plants can be a good arrangement.
  • Water used for boiling vegetables, noodles, pasta can also be used for watering lawn or plants.
  • Cooking in appropriately sized pots or pans can prevent wastage of large amounts of water.


4. General practices for conservation

  • Using appliances like washing machines and dish washers only after it is filled with a complete load can prevent water wastage.
  • Arrangement of selecting proper load size like small, medium, large enable right amount of water usage in many latest appliances.
  • Wiping kitchen tops and platform with wet, old, unused cloth pieces can prevent wastage of cleaning them with large amounts of flowing water.
  • So while, besides these measures, there are many other ideas one can adopt towards water conservation at home, the key lies in making a committed start. Once we begin with our baby steps, we can certainly make a fresh impression for the younger ones to follow!


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