Solar Installation in Porter Ranch, CA

Solar Installation in Porter Ranch, CA

Check out our most recent solar installation in Porter Ranch, CA!

Project details:

  • 9 Solar World SW315 Modules

  • Inverter Type: SMA 2.5

  • 2.88 KW PV System

  • Building Type: Residential house

  • Location: Porter Ranch, CA

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Stand-alone solar energy systems have the ability to provide power when the electricity grid cannot. Grid tied systems allow their owners to isolate themselves from rising energy costs. Solar also reduces our dependence on oil and other non-renewable power generation. You are purchasing the power generation system to harness a free and unlimited power source that can not be metered. You can’t put a meter on the sun! In areas like Porter Ranch, CA, solar installations are simply the best solution to combating high electric bills during the peak months.

JNA Solar completes many solar panel installations in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County area, including residential and commercial installations. This solar installation in Porter Ranch, CA is a great example of how JNA Solar has helped a homeowner save money on their energy bill. We warranty our installation for 25 Years. Click here to view more of our projects that we’ve completed.